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    Fees: Editing of English

    Our fees are based on a standard rate of £47.70 per hour. So that you are able to calculate an estimate of the likely fee, we translate this into a rate per 100 words as follows:

    Standard editing
    ---£4.77 per 100 words
    This is the minimum fee and includes first and second editing, each time by a different editor. This fee applies in about 30% of cases.

    Intensive editing
    ---£4.78 to £7.13 per 100 words (includes first and second editing, with the exact fee depending on hw much work is required.) This fee applies in about 60-65% of cases.

    Superintensive editing
    ---£7.13 per 100 words plus £47.70 for every extra hour of work that is needed. This fee applies in about 5-10% of cases.

    It is not possible to specify in advance what kind of editing your paper will need. However, we will charge you at the lowest level that we can, consistent with the goal of bringing the English in your paper to a publishable standard. Please note that 60-65% of cases, intensive editing is required. However, we will charge you only for the time we actually spend on second editing, at £47.70 per hour.


    Checking will incur a fee that is in accordance with the amount of effort involved, charged at £47.70 per hour. If the checking takes only a few minutes, there will be no charge. Usually, the fee will increase in relation to the amount of unclarity that the original text contained.

    Fees: Assessing Logic and Flow of Argument

    The rate for assessing logic and flow of argument is £110.00 per hour. Clients should specify what parts of a document are to be assessed at the time of submission.

    Administration Fees

    There is a standard administration fee per paper of £18.

    This fee covers the cost of choosing, contacting, and sending your paper out to an editor, communicating with authors when necessary, keeping records associated with your paper, creating and sending out invoices and receipts, and processing payments. We do not make any profit from this fee. We charge it separately because we want it to be the same for each paper, whereas if we included it in the fees for editing, the fee would be greater the longer the paper.


    We provide certification of editing if this is required by the journal to which you are submitting. The fee is £18 per certificate.

    As a rule of thumb, multiply the figures above by 1.6 to obtain an approximate rate in US Dollars


    We accept payment by credit card and bank transfer, in UK Pounds Sterling. We will send instructions for payment at the same time as we return a revised version of your paper and an invoice.

    We expect to receive payment by personal credit card within 7-10 days and payment by a university within 30 days.

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