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    Assessing Logic and the Flow of Argument:

    • Assessment of logical consistency within various parts of the text
    • Identification and rectification of unclarities due to structure
    • Assessment of how the argument of the paper fits together as a whole, i.e. cohesion of structure
    • Identification of fallacies in argument
    • Assessment of evidential relations, e.g. we ensure that claims made in the conclusion do not go beyond the evidence supplied in the main body of the text
    • Tightening up of the structure of argument, e.g. by identifying , and rendering explicit, hidden premises, or by pointing out text that is unnecessary to the argument
    • Pointing out of omissions in the text, e.g. references, notation, figure and table captions
    • Ensuring that hypotheses are stated clearly and precisely
    • Ensuring that causal and logical connections are not confused with each other

    If you require this service, please indicate what parts of your document you would like to be reviewed, when you submit your paper. It should be noted that the successful completion of this service will usually require more extensive communication between author and consultant than does simply editing English. It is especially useful for papers that have been rewritten to take into account the comments of anonymous reviewers, prior to resubmission to a journal.

    Assessing Logic and the Flow of Argument is not available to students who are preparing a thesis or dissertation for submission for a degree.

    NB Editing English and Assessing Logic and Flow of Argument are not mutually exclusive. It is, for example, not always possible to edit English satisfactorily without changing lthe logical structure of paragraphs at the same time. When this happens, the editing will be charged at the Editing of English rate only.

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