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    Cambridge Language Consultants has clients in over 250 universities in over 40 countries worldwide. We are managed by academics, for academics. Our PhD-holding editors and consultants provide professional services in English editing, proofreading, and consulting in logic and the flow of argument for manuscripts in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. By commissioning our services, the need to worry about how best to present your empirical and theoretical findings is eliminated, thereby giving you more time to concentrate on producing quality research. We are listed as suppliers of editing and consulting services by a number of leading academic publishers.

    We regret to inform you that as from 1 February 2017, our fees will increase by 3.5%, to accommodate UK inflation. However, following the recent referendum on whether or not the UK should leave the EU, the value of the pound has fallen by about 14% against almost all currencies, so the cost of editing will still be about 10% cheaper for you than it was before September 2016. The new fees are listed on our fees page.

    We usually edit papers in the following areas of research, although we may accept papers in other areas on request. If your general subject area is not in the exact sciences or is not listed below, please visit one of our sister companies, listed below.

    Atmospheric Sciences
    Chemistry (all areas)
    Clinical medicine
    Computer Science: hardware
    Earth Sciences
    Engineering (all areas)
    Geography: physical

    Library and Information Science
    Materials Science and Metallurgy
    Medical science
    Planetary science
    Physics (all areas)
    Veterinary medicine

    For papers in economics, business, management, finance, and accounting, please visit Editing for Business

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